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Majani was born back in 1796 as a small artisan shop in the heart of Bologna. The “Laboratory of sweet things” run by Teresa and her children Romualdo and Francesco Majani has immediately been a great success and evolves over time, giving life to the important chocolate industry that we know today. After more than 220 years, the company run by the seventh generation of the Majani Family continues today to make chocolate according to the traditional method starting from the raw cocoa seed. The selection of the best varieties of cocoa fino de aroma and the total control of the production chain – in particular the attention to the times and temperatures of toasting and ‘concaggio’ – allow to enhance the best organoleptic qualities of the finished product to create a unique product that makes live a different chocolate experience. Today the company realizes its specialties just a few kilometers from Bologna and together with the Cremino Fiat, Sfoglia Nera and Tortellino offers many other masterpieces of chocolate with an original and unmistakable taste, like the history of each family.

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