Since 1796 we work with passion and dedication every day to offer sweetness.
Putting into practice traditional and hallmark process, aiming to guarantee food safety and authenticity of our goods, the Board Management applies a management system meeting FSSC 22000 requirements.

Therefore, the company Management Board committed themselves to:

  • keeping food regulations moreover quality standard and safety hygiene in every manufacturing activity;
  • meeting customers and all involved parts requirements and expectations;
  •  guaranteeing awareness, skillfulness and welfare of company personnel;
  • pursuing profitability of the organization, by safeguarding environment sustainability and social responsibility;
  • pursuing a constant improvement of management system and company results;
  • guaranteeing the use of the best cocoa varieties to manufacture the products, having chocolate base, and following all traditional manufacturing process;
  • guaranteeing goal communication and understanding, regarding food quality and safety of all supply chain;
  • guaranteeing all necessary resources to reach all above mentioned goals.

Valsamoggia (BO), 21/07/2020