- The company owns two closely facilities located on a total area of 18,000 square meters. The larger one is the production plant on an area of over 5,600 square meters, while the smaller one is the warehousing and logistic zone on an area of about 2000 square meters;
- Up to 20 different varieties of cocoa processed;
- Total control over the entire cocoa supply chain;
- Complete traceability of both raw materials and ingredients, one of the strictest control system on the whole Italian market;
- Monitored logistics and wireless control over production and quality, integrated management system;
- Step by step computerized control over daily production;
- PLC supervised production, the final organoleptic examination is certified by our skilful chocolatiers;
- Hand made processing in case of extra fine recipes and/or smaller batches along with the computerized production;
- Our 2009 turnover was approximately of  10.500,00 and its 97.5% rate was produced by Italian specialized retailers only since our chocolate is not purposely distributed on a large scale.
- Majani 1796 S.p.A. owns the 99,9% rate of Velluto S.r.l. (Majani branded store located in the heart of Bologna) and it is 100% VMM Finanziaria S.p.A. controlled.VMM is Majani's finance company.

Nel 2015 Majani receives Certificate FSSC22000, Food Safety System Certification.