Since its inception Majani quickly distinguished as one of the most qualified chocolate producers in Europe, it was awarded several prizes and medals at the World Expos in Paris (1867 and 1878), Vienna (1873) and Milan (1881).
Those were the years when Majani chocolates pleased with the kings of the newly Italian kingdom, scooping the competition of renowned producers from Piemonte. During that time Majani became the official supplier of the Royal House of Savoy, and at the end of 1878, Umberto I granted the right to include the royal coat of arms on the Majani shop emblem. Later,in 1891, Aldo Majani was conferred the title of Knight of the Order of the Italian Crown.
It was just in that period that other European sovereigns discovered the high quality of Majani chocolate. In 1885 the Royal House of Sermo Sor Infante Duque de Montpensier and then, in 1893, the Royal House of Sermo Sor Infante Don Antonio de Orleans both granted the "House of Majani" the right to include their royal coat of arms on the company emblem. These precious documents, together with the other honours received during the last two centuries, are proudly preserved in Majani's historical archives.
In 1911 Majani upgraded its reputation for excellence by creating its most prestigious product: the Cremino Fiat, designed to promote the launch of the "Fiat Tipo 4" car.
In 2011, on the occasion of the first Italian edition of the Salon du Chocolat, Miss Anna Majani received the "Palme d'Or" for the exclusive quality of Majani products.
8th June 2011: 150 Italian centenary companies were awarded during an official award ceremony. On that occasion Majani received a memorial plaque with the following engraving: "A Company which built Italian history".